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We had the awesome privilege of having Kevin Cahill a recent grad from Syracuse University volunteer with us. He wrote all of the meet your maker posts for us and we really want to thank him for his hard work! May your travels and future keep you innovating! The last piece Kevin wrote for us is about one of own members and a local innovator Adam Milam. Please check it out! Meet your Maker! – Adam Milam – Heliohex Adam Milam of Heliohex wants to revolutionize the way farmers grow plants indoors. His idea? A cost saving, environmentally efficient lighting system utilizing light emitting diode (LED) technology. A graduate of Georgia Tech, this is not Milam’s first entrepreneurial venture; but it’s his biggest so far. An engineer by trade, Milam moved to Syracuse five years ago, with his wife, daughter and two dogs to take a job at an aerospace firm, a job he has since given up to pursue his venture. Milam is not short on praise for his adoptive community and its resources. Inclusion in the Tech Garden has allowed him to network with and learn from other successful entrepreneurs. Membership at the local SALT Makerspace has allowed Milam to create prototypes far quicker than if he outsourced their production; and acceptance into the Clean Tech Center, which helps develop environmentally sustainable businesses, reinforced Heliohex’s place as an environmental innovator. What’s next for Adam and Heliohex? Milam is looking hire energetic, new employees across a diverse range of fields, from programming to sales, that want to be a part of creating and growing a new enterprise. When asked about advice for aspiring or on the fence entrepreneurs? “If you’re not sure, don’t do it. If you are sure, then you might just be crazy enough to make it happen”. Humble, charismatic, and value-oriented, Milam has all the makings of a successful entrepreneur. We at SALT Makerspace are excited to count him as one of our valued members and look forward to helping him and Heliohex succeed. If you know any farmers, send them Milam’s way. If you or anyone you know anyone has a wild idea, send them to SALT Makerspace and we will help them (or you!) uncover their options!

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Made in Syracuse – Oberdorfer Foundry Films May 20th 2017 – 2pm ArtRage Gallery – 505 Hawley Ave, Syracuse, NY 13203 Screening a curated series of original 16mm Films from the SALT Makerspace Film Vault. This screening features Oberdorfer Foundry historical documentation of process and making that took place at during the early 1960’s. This is part of the closing reception of the ArtRage exhibition “At All Costs” photographs of American Workers by Earl Dotter. The films will be presented on the 20th of May at 2pm at ArtRage Gallery a brief presentation by Michael Giannattasio founder of SALT Makerspace about the history of the Foundry and relevance to the Central New York Region with a Q&A to follow. 15 min Historical Presentation 25 min Film 10 min Q&A

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