How can you support SALT?

If you are a donor at any level, your gift is tax-deductible to the extent of IRS rulings. You are contributing to the strength of our artistic community and to another capstone in the redevelopment of the City of Syracuse.

If you are a private investor, you have the ability to foster potential creative innovation and economic development that can spark emerging trends in 3D technology,  develop Internet commerce, or encourage next best-selling artist.

If you are a funder, you are a source of support to continued investment in Central New York arts in an initiative that also supports entrepreneurial opportunity. You are funding a destination point in upstate tourism, further strengthening the identity and cultural profile of Syracuse within the region and throughout the state.

If you are considering an in-kind donation of professional- or industrial-grade tools, machinery and equipment in good working order, you are providing the means through which skills of fine craftsmanship can be taught, shared, fostered, and passed on.

In addition, SALT will be, by intention and in operation, part of an international network of similar models for open source creativity that couples with 21st century resources and needs.