Meet Your Maker(Innovators)! This month SALT Makerspace received a new volunteer!! Kevin is a recent graduate from Syracuse University with a Political Science/Entrepreneur minor! he will be helping to create some cool new things at SALT. This is part one of a series of writings he is doing on local, national and international inventors creatives and innovators! We are very excited to have him on board and we look forward to sharing more with all of you and hopefully inspiring your to achieve! -Jeff Bezos- Before it was the everything store, Amazon was a humble, web based venture into the bookstore industry. 21 years after its creation, the company that was founded in a garage has evolved into one of the most successful businesses in the world, amassing its founder, Jeff Bezos, a 73-billion-dollar fortune. Bezos’s success arose from his ability to understand that the internet would become the premier medium of communication of the future; but things weren’t always easy for the new company. In its earliest days, Amazon attempted to grow its user base by offering books that it didn’t even have in stock. This led the company to buy rare books from other sellers so that it could complete its own sales. Some of these orders resulted in losses to the company, but left customers satisfied, ensuring that they kept coming back. Over time, Bezos’s relentless pursuit of perfection morphed the company from a simple bookseller into the massive online marketplace for goods and services that it is today. Do you think Bezos’s success happened in a bubble or that there couldn’t possibly be another innovation in our lifetimes like the internet to take advantage of? If so, you are wrong. Emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics and 3-D printing offer just as grand of opportunities as the advent of the internet, and you can find exposure to these and many other exciting new innovations at the SALT Makerspace. A keen intelligence provided Bezos with excellent educational opportunities and a lucrative career in finance; but he chose to give it all up in pursuit of a wild dream to change the way people bought books, so what are you waiting for? Unsure of where to start? Stop by SALT Makerspace.

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