3D Printing

photo 5

Dimension 1200es

-$11 per cubic inch



Objet 24

-$2 per gram


All files must be in STL format and pre checked using Netfab Studio.

Please Submit files with your “name – print title”

example “John Doe – coffee cup version 1”

All questions and files should be submitted to saltsyr@gmail.com and you will receive a estimated cost and time for printing.


Laser Cutting

We charge .25 cents per minute for laser cutting. If you supply your own materials there is no extra charge, we have some materials available an extra charge will be added.

We have a 12×24″ cutting bed.

Please email for laser template. SALTsyr@gmail.com

Colored Acrylic

photo 4

We currently have colored acrylic available for purchase.

All sheets are 12×24 inches and are sold as a whole sheet.



photo 3White – translucent      $15



photo 2Black – translucent      $15



imageBlue – transparent       $15



photo(12)Green – transparent       $15



photo(13)Red – transparent       $15